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Facebook Advertising Essentials


Facebook Advertising Essentials


How long is this course?

This course consists of a 2 hour session, one evening per week. over 4 weeks you will have a total of 8 hours.

Hours per session

Night per week


Where is this course held?

We can come to you

If you have 5 or more people who would like to attend, we can come to you and run a full day course in your workplace.

Evening classes in London

Our courses run over four weeks with one session each week. Each two hour session will have plenty of time to chat through any questions you might have.

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Here’s what you will learn

Business Manager

This is where it all happens! Learn to set up and navigate the Facebook Business Manager.


The Ads Manager

Create, view and measure you campaigns in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Campaign Structure

Understanding this is the key to making great Facebook Campaigns.

How we pay for ads

The are differnt ways to buy ads on Facebook. To be succesful you need to understand them all.

Campaign Objectives

Understand the basic Facebook advertising objectives and you’re on your way to creating great campaigns.

Tracking and Measurement

In order to measure your success you’ll need to set up tracking correctly for your website or even your offline store.


Great Facebook marketers are always optimising their campaigns. We’ll show you how to do it well.


This is the real strength behind Facebook ads. Learn to harness this amazing platform to target your audience with pin point accuracy.

Budgets and Schedules

Learn how to make sure you serve your ads to your audience at exactly the right time and for the right price.

Ad Formats

Video, image or carousel? Learn to set up the different types of ads in Facebook to get the most out of your campaign.


Images, copy, headlines and buttons. Never underestimate the importance of creative. Learn to understand what great Facebook ads look like.

Metrics and Reporting

we get a huge amount of information when we run a Facebook campaign. Learn to decipher it and make your next cmapaign even better.

Got five or more people?

If you have five or more people from your organisation we can arrange a course to be held at your workplace at a time that suits you.

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